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Jean-Luc Godard’s “A Woman is a Woman,” 1961, is his surprisingly light-hearted stab at romantic comedy/musical, but also trying to simultaneously subvert the genre.  Strippers having babies out of wedlock aren’t exactly subjects of bouncy Hollywood musicals.

Angela, his real-life wife Anna Karina, is a stripper who wants to have a baby.  Her boyfriend Emile doesn’t, but ridiculously suggests that she uses his friend Alfred, JP Belmondo, do the job.

Don’t know if it’s a “Singing in the Rain” reference with the umbrella (since it’s not raining), regardless it’s a nice pop of color. Anna Karina.

The white trench, black gloves, and red updo, tough and unexpectedly chic. Anna Karina.

Love that she has red tights, too.

She changes into her stripper costume. Anna Karina.

She does a little song. Anna Karina.

I love the thought of the sailor top as a jacket thrown over something super femme like this bustier. Anna Karina.

Her hair and makeup are super sweet. Anna Karina.

“A Woman is a Woman,” poster. Jean-Luc Godard.