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She’s done some of the most most memorable costumes in recent film history, “Edward Scissorhands,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and “Chicago,” to name a few on her storied resume.


And now, with the raves she’s getting for “Snow White,” a collection with HSN.  The video at the top is a real treat for you film costume fans!


While clothes themselves are not my thing, it’s good to see that these designers can parlay their film work into design work for the masses.  Janie Bryant (Mad Men) and her collaboration with Banana Republic is another recent pairing.

I was expecting to see jewelry in the HSN collection, weren’t you?  The costumes were great, of course, but the medieval, sinister jewelry really stood out to me.  Maybe Colleen didn’t design it, or maybe HSN only wanted her to design clothes based on the movie.  Whatever the reason, opportunity lost, I think for HSN.  I sure it’ll inspire Chrome Hearts, Roxanne Assoulin, or Tom Binns.

Love the chains and the fingertip talon ring.

More fingertip talon rings.

Close-up on one of Ravenna’s costumes.  The snake metalwork is wicked.