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Dude, where do I start?  It’s been around forever (100 years!), but for some reason it keeps popping up in the news.  It not only rents out tons of costumes for film, tv, commercials, etc. but it will also make you stuff from scratch!  I’m serious.  Bring in a picture and, zip! zip! they sew it up for you like those chubby mice in Cinderella.  But the mice ain’t cheap.  It’ll set you back about $400 for a woman’s dress, $800 for shoes (shoes!!!! a a pair of ruby slippers awaits), and about $1600 for a suit.  That’s just the labor, the materials and fabric you buy up front.

If you wish it, they will make it.

Designers, students, fashion fans, just go and drink it all in.  They also have a yearly spring cleaning sale to make room for new stock, and offer month long rentals for Halloween!

If you’re in LA, swing by and be inspired.

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