Stefano Pilati out after eight years.  While a great designer, and former assistant to Tom Ford, Pilati never created that lust for a brand as Tom Ford did.  That itself is a tall order and Stefano did make some lovely clothes and accessories during his tenure.

In contrast, Slimane’s time at Dior Homme was earth-shaking.  Men and women wanted those clothes.  Karl Lagerfeld is said to have lost all the weight so he could fit into the Dior Homme pants.  I don’t recall anything like it other than the crush of Helmut Lang’s first few years on the scene.

Hedi Slimane never intended to be a fashion designer. Photography was his first love.

Dior Homme, widely coveted. A mix of rock n' roll, high fashion and punk.

He’ll still work on his photography: http://www.hedislimane.com/

The iconic (overused, but this time it's appropriate) YSL Le smoking suit.

Seems like a natural fit in hindsight.  So curious to see what he’ll come up with for the ladies!  I’m guessing some overt rock n’ roll sex covered up in well-tailored trousers and jackets.