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Doncha just love Paris?  I do.  And I love that Woody Allen opens the movie with shot after idyllic shot of Paris and Parisians doing what they do best, being nonchalantly Parisian, even in the rain.  And getting some $$ and tax breaks for productions that shoot there makes it even better for the producers.

Costume Designer Sonia Grande not only did sumptuous work on the 20’s costumes, but gave Rachel McAdams a rich bitch, casual sexiness.  I apologize for some open-mouth shots, but it was the best frame for the look.

Shirtdress with low-slung belt and oversize bag.

The group at Versailles. Another shirtdress with wedges. Perfect for a hot day.

The group with tour guide, a.k.a. Carla Bruni Sarkozy (The French First Lady), love her! Loved her when she was a supermodel. And don't you love her unstructured blazer?

Zelda's lace dress details. I love the geometric shapes with the lace.

Josephine Baker shaking it. Everyone looks fab, from the extras to the stars.

Chanel jacket thrown over a loose, featherweight tee.

Here's the whole look with belt and bag.

Simple beading, simple sheath, big impact.

This is a tough dress. It could look too precious. But slip into some sexy heels and you can make it work.

Carla Bruni Sarkozy again, lovely.

Quintessential flapper dress. This is why the 20's continues to inspire. It's luxury (silks, beading, feathers) + comfort (loose) + sexy (short hemlines).

I have a fantasy about taking the little guy on a Parisian holiday, eating, running through the gardens at Versailles, climbing the Effiel Tower, but honestly?  He’d tear the place apart.  But I can watch movies until he gets old enough.