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… And great pants! Or should I say trousers? And shirts, and layering for men.

Daniel Day-Lewis plays a poor gold prospector turned rich oil speculator in Paul Thomas Anderson, 2007, film. Watching it again, I really hate that he doesn’t do more films. He really deserved the Oscar for that performance.

All the pants are high-waisted. The cinch belt in the back, and loose leg.

Love the dusty, faded color palette.

The only time Daniel is not ruthless is when he's with his adopted son, H.W. He says he only took care of him because he needed a sweet face to buy land, but this shows that the baby had him at hello. This connection is his salvation of sorts. His only outlet for tenderness and love.

They are an adorable pair, aren't they? The pocket watch chain is a key accessory. And I never thought about pens as an accessory, but antique pens in you pocket look rather nice.

Stripes and vests.

Vintage hunting gear always looks fashionable.

Jodhpurs? Look great on him. But then again, being long and lean, anything would.

I love the braces (suspenders that button, not clip) belt detail.

Layered neutrals.

More braces. Oh, how I wish I bought these Ralph Lauren ones I saw a few years ago. I balked at the $120 price, but now, regretting not buying. Moral of the story: if you find something unique that fills a wardrobe void, buy it.

Paul Dano's simple preacher look.

Love the gold tie.

I just like this shot. The colors, the workwear clothes.

I love his shirt, but can't help thinking, did they have double needle machines during this time? It's all over his shirt. I'll let it go.

I LOVE this shot. Paul Dano looks like he's in a Magritte painting. I'm sure P.T. Anderson was trying to convince himself that it would be OK if Dano wore a bowler hat. But, no, a rural preacher would not. Speaking of surreal, it must've been for the Sunday family. There's oil all around them but they can't make any money off it.

I love that Daniel is kicking Eli's ass and all I can focus on are Daniels boots and pants.

They're fantastic!

Such dark denim and such a pin thin wide stripe.

I love his small collar. Signals his smallness, his insignificance.

The echoes back to the baby image. H.W. is trying to connect with him, but it doesn't work this time.

Here the pocket watch chain is straight across. Gives you some variety on how to wear it.

Anderson tracks groups of men walking hurriedly from behind.

As if we're one of them, the masses that are about to develop California.

Family = blood. Blood = conflict. There will be conflict within our families. How we handle it is what defines us. Daniel says he’s always wanted a family, even when he was a young boy. But look how he treated his adopted son. H.W. lost his hearing, but it’s Daniel who is deaf. He doesn’t listen to anyone but himself. He never married. He only worked and when he started making significant money, that was the relationship that ruled the rest of his life. In the end he’s left with nothing but money.

Such a great film very loosely based on the first part Upton Sinclair novel, Oil! I can’t believe he got it made. Mark Bridges did a tremendous job. He’s nominated this year for “The Artist.”