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As you might have guessed by now, I love sports.  An interest in sports and fashion is not mutually exclusive.  I even know how to play golf.  I had to learn when I started dating the husband.  With the December appointment of JT as Callaway Creative Director, yes, Creative Director, not just a face or a swing for the ad campaign, Callaway is gripping and ripping it, aiming for the tee.

He's no duffer. He has a 6 handicap. What's yours?

He’s in charge of their marketing strategy.  Prepare yourself for the onslaught: Golf is cool.  Hmmm.  I think Tiger made golf cool in the 90’s, and brought in a whole new generation that might have been put off by its country club snootiness.  Lot’s of surf/skate/ski guys and gals golf now.

I don’t think they have to waste time and $$ trying to make golf cool.  They simply need to design a better product.  I’m not talking about their equipment.  I’m talking clothes.


Good God. They're trying, I guess. The print on the 1st and 3rd one from the left are probably the "fashion" polos. The fact that they've named them the Rothko polos makes me cringe. You think one of the fathers of abstract art wants to be associated with this lame attempt at being "arty?" On a golf polo, no less.

Seriously? What grown man, young or old, wants to wear shorts ABOVE his knees?

That "V" shaped logo on the belt buckle has got to go. I know it's an arrow, just like they have on their club heads and putters to line up your shot. But putting it right above your crotch, it's like saying V for vagina. Can't you do the old English C for Callaway?

They’re based in Carlsbad, CA.  In between LA and San Diego.  They have no excuse for being so old farty.  They are in the midst of surf/skate land.  This culture is about pattern (mostly yarn dye stripes) and graphics for tops.  And fit is key.  It can’t be a big box.  It needs to be a slimmer fit that still gives a guy (or gal) room to make a big swing.  Think 70’s fitted polos.

J. Lindeberg tried to meld the skate aesthetic with golf, with some success.

This is from JT's website announcing his Callaway appointment. Hello, PR person... Maybe you should put up a picture of him in Callaway gear instead. He's wearing J. Lindeberg here.

The best look for this new Lost Boys generation they’re trying to court is already being done by the Original Penguin people.  Why they haven’t done golf shirts before is beyond me.  They just need to change the fabric to a sweat-wicking, UV-blocking type, call it the sport version and BOOM, increase profits without extra design work.

The fit is, has always been, slim.

Yarn dye stripes. (As a side note, someone please get them to hire a decent stylist for this site! It's shockingly sad because they have great shirts.)

Volcom shorts. Note, covered knees.

They give it a modern twist with the diagonal seam in the back, and extra pocket (perfect for tees.)

Women’s is a whole other problem.  Let’s just say we don’t want to look like a bunch of middle-aged, overweight lesbians (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), we’d prefer looking like we do in everyday life, stylish and modern.

You can make golf clothes fun, fresh, with a nod to the past, and a modern twist.  Maybe JT can make it happen.  Maybe…