Let me first say, I love me some playoff football.  Weren’t those games awesome???  I was totally slack-jawed when Cundiff missed that field goal (!!), and so was the whole Ravens bench.  And a round of applause for the 49ers.  17 years since a playoff game.  And they almost won it.  I hate that friggin’ coin toss.  It’s so unfair, don’t you think?  Whoever wins gets possession and they only have to get to field goal range to punt it in for the win.  Stupid.

So, I’ve had a little testosterone fix, here’s something for the guys…

He’s got the look.  The new look in men’s hair.  Who’d figure Jimmy Darmody- style star.  I just hope that young and older alike will stop with the beadhead comb-over that’s been stubbornly keeping you guys from looking your best.

Why wouldn't you want to look like him? Photo: Craig McDean

An effortless cool. Photo: Craig McDean.