Really?  It can’t be.  It is?  Then I exploded into a million bits of confetti.  I wasn’t obsessed with Ian Brown, but I did think he was quite cute.  He said he wanted to be adored and he was!  The best hair of the 90’s.  I loved their sound, 60’s mod through an acid/ecstasy-laced Madchester filter.  Jon Squire’s swirling guitar, part funk, part rave, all joy of being in your 20’s, drunk, dancing and staying out late.  I loved their look, modish haircuts + soccer hooligan swagger.

Wasn't he soooo cute?

Those anoraks, I think, paved the way for the Gallagher bros look, don’t you think?  If they didn’t get trapped in legal quicksand, Nirvana would’ve never happened.  They’d be some little post-punk band in Seattle doing their thing, still great but not blowin’ up, the biggest band of the decade great.  Britpop filled the void, with Blur and Oasis taking their place. Nothing against them, but their sound wasn’t as original, or genre bending as the Stone Roses.

Don't know when this was taken. But long shag looks good on him too.

Present day. You can tell they sure did party like rock stars.

Anyway, the tickets are as hard to come by as a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket, so good luck music fans.

P.S. It’s been said that David Beckham begged the band to get back together, and the boys being rabid Manchester United fans, acquiesced.  So two thanks to Becks, 1) For bringing the MLS cup to LA, 2) for reuniting the Stone Roses.  That guy really has the touch.