Well I finally got around to watching Visionaries: Tom Ford, on OWN.  I missed it the first time around, set my DVR, then watched the whole season, to finally get to this one.  And it did not disappoint.  I was scared that this Oprah show would be a little too touchy-feely, but the format is documentary style and the subject speaks for him or herself about their background and their creative process.  And we get to watch them in the thick of creating.  Even ones I didn’t think I’d get into (Tyler Perry), I found pretty inspiring.

Tom speaks candidly about his quitting Gucci and YSL, and his process.  It’s such a treat to watch him do fittings and adjust the look of things.  He also directs films now (a true fashioneaste!) and hearing him talk about writing and directing his first film was interesting.  Don’t you think he should do an update (I hate the term reboot.  A reboot is just a restart, doing the same thing) of “American Gigolo?”  Wouldn’t that be just heavenly?  Great clothes and tons of sex.

Catch it if you can.