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Based on the Henry James novel of the same name, “The Wings of the Dove,” directed by Iain Softley, 1997, tells the tale of a love triangle between Kate, Helena Bonham Carter, Merton, Linus Roache, and Millie, Alison Elliot.  The impeccable costumes were designed by powerhouse, Sandy Powell.

The year is 1910, and the London elite clothed in the oriental-inspired finery by Paul Poiret, luxuriate in peace, before World War I befalls Europe.  Exoticism abounds, rich colors, Art Nouveau influences, feminine lines, softness are the trends of the day.

Kate with her patron, Aunt Maude, primping her for a society party. Charlotte Rampling and Helena in costume, the heart stops.

Beautiful lace embellishments and layers make for a comfortable but suitable night look.

Here's the back.

Maybe I'm just a minimalist at heart, but I love her dressing gown and long flowing hair as an evening look.

Love the angled jacket hem.

How fun is this hat?!

From the side, the feathers are fab.

Jewel tones and lux fabrics. Kate's (Helena's) jacket doesn't look like much sitting down. But wait...

Helena's stunning peacock jacket from behind.

Love the shoulder strap detail.

Now, I'm not usually a fan of men in velvet jackets, but somehow he manages to make it look sexy.

Lots of delicate, covetable jewelry in this film.

More great earrings.

Rich colors and sleeve details.

Again, another pretty dressing gown robe that could be translated for day now.

Painstakingly dyed top layer worn over silk.

This in-between era, between Edwardian in England, (Belle Epoque still rages on the continent) and Art Deco, is so rich in detail and femininity, it’s becoming my favorite.  The film itself has flaws, but the costumes are perfection.