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Even with taking a year off (protracted negotiations ate into the shooting schedule) everyone is STILL talking about the fashion of “Mad Men.”  Which is something considering the show is in its 5th season, and fashion has the attention span of a gnat.

There are whole sites dedicated to the show and its fashions, but I just wanted to post some pix of Jon Hamm since I’m jonesing for new episodes.

Yeah, he’s an ass, but…

Wow. I love that he went with this mauvey shirt. That color looks great on him.

Photo by Norman Jean Roy.
Photo by Norman Jean Roy.  (I’m making that tiger purring noise.)

Much has been written about his throwback good looks: the square jaw, the maturity, the sheer masculinity of him.  No guyliner.  No tribal tattoos.  No goddamn Affliction t-shirts (that are lame on a 17 year-old, much less a 40 year-old trying too hard.)

He reminds me of Gary Cooper, tall handsome, and looks great in clothes.  Ever have a friend who throws on any ‘ol thing and looks fantastic?  That’s what I’m talking about.  It’s really not about the clothes (although having great taste doesn’t hurt), it’s about their attitude, and the easy confidence they project.

Coincidentally, there’s a new book about Cooper’s style, Gary Cooper: Enduring Style, by G. Bruce Boyer (a fashion writer of 35 years) and Maria Cooper Janis (Gary’s daughter.)  It’s chock full of never-before-seen photos of her dapper daddy.


Happy Thanksgiving!!!