You either evolve or die.  People keep saying books are choking, sputtering, dying a slow death.  Books are not dying.  1) Because we won’t let them, because people still love reading a book, 2) Because they’re evolving, mutating, adapting to the tech saturated life that is the 21st century.

Patrick Carman’s Dark Eden can be bought as a traditional book, but also can be read with a app that enhances Carman’s written word.  You can even buy it chapter by chapter with a app for each chapter.

When you were a kid, and you read, say Grimm’s Fairytales.  When you got to the picture page, didn’t you just drink in every detail of the illustration?  Even though you had pictures in your mind’s eye, didn’t a beautifully rendering drawing really illuminate the scene for you?  I think this hybrid is that childhood experience on steroids.

I’m sure Dark Eden will be the next Hunger Games.


Why put this on a so-called fashion/film site?  Think about how this process can add or illuminate your own work, whether you’re a writer, designer, photographer, etc.