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Whatever you might think of his films, Jean-Luc Godard is a towering and inescapable influence on everything from films, photography, even (maybe subconsciously) to rap music.  I may be bored waiting for the plots to start, may not be that interested in the political or satirical points he’s trying to make, but I sooo appreciate his utter originality and convention-busting mentality.

“Breathless,” 1960, left old-style filmmaking in its wake.  Radical jump cuts and hand-held camera work only became mainstream in the MTV 80’s age of music videos.

Jean Seberg Breathless New York Hearld Tribune shirt

Why doesn’t someone makes these t-shirts so we can buy them??? You could even do a lightweight cashmere or wool. The ultra cool gamine Jean Seberg.

Jean Seberg Breathless hat

Wearing her boyfriend’s hat. She could be going to Coachella, modern, timeless.

Jean Seberg Breathless hat tank sweater

Effortlessly chic. Love the vertically knit tank. mptvimages.com

Jean Seberg Breathless tank sweater

Without the hat, so cute! Just remember smoking kills. But does look cool in black and white. I’m not gonna lie. mptvimages.com

Maybe Goddard called it Breathless because she’s so beautiful.

Jean Seberg Breathless gloves sunglasses dress

This striped dress is perfect for spring. Why did women stop wearing gloves?

Jean Seberg Breathless striped dress

With a sweater thrown over it. Notice the sweater is a fuller cut, not tight.

“Breathless,” is also a play on, “An American in Paris.” But instead of a squeaky-clean American trying not to get caught in a questionable social situation, this American girl knows what’s up, and isn’t fazed in the least by getting into a questionable social situation.

Breathless movie poster

Even his 1960 poster for “Breathless,” looks more modern than any movie playing now. Jean Luc-Godard.