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They do moonlight as actors sometimes or in docs but there’s no denying their influence on fashion as a cultural force; on the masses and designers.  The swagger, the creativity and unique style they project is something to respect.  And seriously, who looks better in flared jeans, you or Robert Plant?

I ran across this slideshow on Yahoo.

John Lennon New York City T-shirt Bob Gruen

John Lennon.  Photo: Bob Gruen

He’s a well known rock photog, and it’s from his new book Rock Seen.  He took this iconic shot of Lennon.

Homework: Rock out with your c**k out.  I mean that figuratively, of course.  Don’t get arrested, although that is really rock star.  But seriously, try tailoring your jeans.  Buy some vintage Levi’s that fit your waist and tailor the rest.  Make it bootcut, straight or skinny, but make sure that waist fits (no muffin tops!!!) and the rise is comfy (no cameltoe!!!).