Kubrick. Even the name sounds geometrical, weighty. Who isn’t in awe of the creative monolith of Mr. Stanley Kubrick?

I went to the show with the little guy, so forgive the out of focus pix. I debated whether I should even put them up. Or whether I should go back alone to take better pictures… I was fooling myself. Who’s got the time, really?

But hey, an out-of-focus pic is better than nothing. I was literally pulled in every direction and only had my iphone (3GS, sigh) because dealing with the mommy bag, and real camera and a 3 year old was not happening.

kubrick costume sketches

I think these are from “Eyes Wide Shut.” Sorry couldn’t write anything down either. You get the jist.

kubrick camera lenses

Here are some of Kubrick’s camera lenses. He was such a technician as well as having a superb eye.

Lolita slides Kubrick

I love how they displayed the slides from “Lolita.”

kubrick alex delarge costume

I almost gasped when I saw this. Of course one of the most famous film costumes, and my camera is out of focus. Sigh. Apologies.

kubrick a clockwork orange

This one isn’t that bad. Miracle.

kubrick typewriter twin dresses the shining

So here’s Jack’s typewriter and creepy twins’ dresses from “The Shining.”

kubrick barry lyndon costume

From “Barry Lyndon.”

kubrick barry lyndon costume

More from “Barry Lyndon.”

kubrick movie posters

Posters. I still crave that “Lolita” one. Where can I get those sunglasses?!!

It was such a well-rounded show. From his noir roots, to “Full Metal Jacket,” annotated scripts and set models, this is a show for all film fans, not just Kubrick devotees.

But wait! There’s more…

kubrick app

Filled with timelines, interviews, script notes. Jeez. Free on itunes, for iphone, ipad, and android.