Boy, I was pretty surprised by this.  I saw her on Bill Maher’s “Real Time,” a couple of years ago and you would’ve never guessed she would be gone so soon.  She was one of the few successful female writer directors.  No niche, indie films, these were humongous, big bat swinging, box office hits, “When Harry Met Sally,” “Sleepless in Seattle” (I actually worked on that film!), “Julie and Julia.”

The classic rom-com, “When Harry Met Sally.” This set the bar for which all others are measured.

She did it with brains and wit.  She wasn’t some comely beauty that batted her eyes  into that position.  She was married to Carl Bernstein (of Woodward and Bernstein) and helped him do a draft of “All The Presidents Men.”  Their draft didn’t make the cut, but the powers that be took notice.  She learn to write screenplays, and write them well enough that she could leverage that into directing gigs that performed spectacularly- worldwide, not just here.

Nora, we will miss you.