If she were a contestant on “Project Runway,” she’d lose.  Too much black.  Too much leather.  One note, not enough variety.  What’s this girl going to wear to dinner?  Ann says, F**k you.  I love black, leather, and boots.  And that’s what this girl is going to wear anywhere.  If someone gives her crap- who are we kidding.  They wouldn’t dare.

Black on black, with more black, please. It's practical for winter, isn't it? Gloves and boots. Toasty. Not to mention, hot. You look like you mean business. Marcus Tondo/GoRunway.com.

Why don't women wear her on the red carpet? The dresses this year were such a bore. Marcus Tondo/GoRunway.com.

The sleeves, the extreme shortness, love it. Marcus Tondo/GoRunway.com.

I love that they put leather pants under it. Marcus Tondo/GoRunway.com.

She’s a badass.