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Before there was Anna Wintour, there was D.V.  Diana Vreeland ruled Vogue with an iron fist, albeit one clad in jewels and velvet.  I think she’s the one who said, “More is more.”  She directed Vogue that way, steering through the tumultuous 60’s and 70’s, in an explosion of art, color, revealing skin, newly realized feminine power, and diversity.  Capturing the popular, cultural zeitgeist like no other since.  Editors these days don’t have the vision or the balls to do what she did.  She pushed for not just ethnic diversity, preferring personality over perfection.  Lauren Hutton and her gap-tooth smile as one example.

Diana Vreeland The Eye Has to Travel

It’s a book and a doc. The doc is in limited release now. The book is over 350 pages of fantastic images that any would-be magazine editor, fashion designer, stylist, photographer, graphic designer should run out and buy.

And to think, she didn’t start her magazine career till she was in her 30’s and didn’t land the Vogue gig till she was in her 60’s.  Let all us late-boomers take heart.