Took more time off from the blog for the summer than planned but I’m back in movie viewing/screen-capturing/clothes-envying mode.  How was your summer?  Is it just me, or are you dying for a cold blustery day so you can snuggle up in a wool fisherman’s sweater and nurse a pot au chocolat?  The summer was way too hot and humid for me.  I tend to wilt and complain when it’s above 75 with the slightest bit of moisture.

Speaking of vengeance and movies…  It’s the day after September 11th, always a somber one, and then we hear of the shocking murders in Libya.  Some wack job makes a horrible “film” that is clearly made to be incendiary and offensive to Muslims, and SURPRISE, it’s inflamed the Arab world and four Americans have been killed in retaliation.  The blame squarely lands of the people who committed these acts, but the filmmaker has shown a callous disregard to the possible and obvious outcome of making that film.  I don’t begrudge him his first amendment rights, but come on, let’s use some common sense.  The same reason you don’t yell FIRE! in a crowded theater.

But now, you can yell GUN!  I didn’t have time to post about the Aurora, Colorado shootings, and then the Olympics swept into town and all media coverage followed, so the shootings receded into the background for me.  I took the little guy to see, “Brave,” and had fun watching the trailers with him.  Then a card came up to instruct people to be aware of the exits in case of an emergency.  I held my little one a little tighter, reminded of the fact that all those people were in that theater doing the exact same thing as me.  We go to the movies to take refuge from life.  If it’s too hot, or cold, or rainy, or if you need a good laugh, or you want a good cry, it’s a place we all go.  Up until that point it was a safe haven.

I don’t have a clever quote to wrap things up.  I tried but they all sounded trite.  My heart goes out to the families of the victims in both Benghazi and Aurora.