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This was such a great show, and exposed me to artists I hadn’t heard of before like Alice Rahon, Remedios Varo, Gertrude Abercrombie, and Helen Lundeberg.  I think surrealism suits women well.  It’s dreamlike and fantastical, full of symbolism and enveloped in feminine mysticism.  It concluded May 6th, but a book is available at lacma.org.


Frida represents, of course. Sorry for the bad angle, couldn’t get a better position.

Alice Rahon, self-portrait and autobiography, 1948.

Alice Rahon, close-up of Ballad for Frida Kahlo, 1956-1966.

Alice Rahon. Mercy for the Judas Effigies, 1952.

A very inspiring show.  It made me want to paint again.