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Remember when there was a gap between when something was happening (and it was cool) to it getting adopted by the mall masses (and it was def waaay over).  With the internet and street style blogs that gap got wafer thin, and now it’s gone.  Thanks to stuff like the new Kaleidoscope App.

Tech start up Inporia teamed up with Details magazine to construct an turnkey lookbook.  They scope out the most covetable looks, send the pix to their team of elves which dissect each component and link it to a site (to one of their retail partners, coinkidink?, I think not) so you can buy something similar if not exactly the same,



If trends get adopted and dropped with such lightning speed, is it really a trend?  It reminds me of a Vanity Fair article I read recently that said there was nothing new anymore fashion-wise.  Everything has been done, and we continue to just recycle decades.  I’ve felt that way for a while.  I think what evolves now is the styling, how you wear it.  Maybe this is the start.  Maybe this is the end of trends.