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Traffic was hell but worth it.

What a treat.  I got to see a digitally restored print of Otto Preminger’s “Bonjour Tristesse,” today at the TCM Film Fest.  Jean Seberg was too gorgeous.  The south of France was entrancing, and I even got a surprise when I saw that Saul Bass did the opening title sequence.

Here’s a blog with all the titles: http://annyas.com/screenshots/updates/saul-bass-title-sequence-bonjour-tristesse-1958/

That color is so beautiful on her. Photo: Bob Willoughby, mptv.com.

Great sweater! I love a racing stripe. Photo: Bob Willoughby, mptv.com.

Photo: Bob Willoughby, mptv.com.

Barbara Tfank spoke before the film about how costumes serve the character.  She is a designer who has dressed everyone from Uma Thurman (she designed that pale lavender Prada Academy Awards gown that ushered in the modern, designer + red carpet era, before that it was Vegas meets prom on the red carpet) to Adele and Michele Obama.  She is a former costume designer herself and knows of what she speaks.  A true fashioneaste.

I got a standby ticket and was waaaaaay back.

She said that Givenchy was actually the costume designer for the film.  Seberg never looked so breathtakingly modern, fresh and beautiful.  And this was 1958!  Hopefully Netfilx gets it on DVD,  (don’t you think they should have these kinds of things???) so I can show you all the covetable stuff, like the great swimsuits Seberg gallops around in.

It ends tomorrow folks.