Ah, if only women would realize how nice a custom shirt is, we’d have a lot more options.  Maybe these tailors would take on doing one?  Doesn’t hurt to ask.  But do understand, their training and experience is in fitting men.  Mens measurements, and how they fit and how the fabric hangs is different.  Men don’t have boobs.

Bespoke/Custom: The pattern is made from your body measurements.  It is unique to you and you alone.

Made-to-Measure: They start with a ready made pattern (a block), then adjust the pattern specific to your measurements.

Of course bespoke will fit you like a glove, but the made-to-measure is a bit cheaper.  Both those options let you choose the fabric/pattern, buttons, shape of pockets, shape of cuffs and any other detail you want to add.  For the cheapest option, you can always buy a nice shirt from a department store or shop that does alterations and get it tailored to your needs.

Where to buy in the LA area.


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