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Season 2 starts Friday.  Set you DVRs.

From writer Julian Fellowes, “Gosford Park,” comes Downton Abbey.  He’s described it as having the look of “Masterpiece Theater” with the pacing of “The West Wing.”  Check it out.  You can watch Season 1 instantly on Netflix (that’s what I’m doing) to catch up.  It follows the upper crusty Crawley family, and their servants right after the sinking of the Titanic.

Costume designer Susanna Buxton has her hands full. Each lady has teagowns, nightgowns, evening gowns, day dresses. Whew! And that's just the girls.

Silk chiffon and embroidered lace.

Harem pants! A new sensation.

I guess footmen were the Edwardian bling of their day. The taller, better-looking, smartly dressed (at their employer's expense) footmen you had, the richer you looked.

Conversely, the maids had to pay for and make their own dresses and aprons. The evening apron was required to be more decorative and that cost $$$. Not very fair.