I loves me some Karl Lagerfeld. His “The Day Before,” for Fendi on Sundance, is THE best.  When his head seamstress at Fendi breathlessly recounts her first meeting with him and says, “I am his disciple.”  So am I, I said aloud, mesmerized by his Karlness.

He designs for Chanel and Fendi, two of the most luxurious labels, plus his own line.  That’s how many collection each year, for each line?  Everything he does is at such a high level, and to do that for three brands boggles the mind.

So, I am a little puzzled by the first looks released by Net-A-Porter for his “lower” priced line for them, debuting Jan. 25.  This is NOT a blog that snipes or bashes people.  But I can question and maybe disagree, can’t I?

These proportions throw me. Baggy 3/4 sleeve top (baseball style?) with short pleated skirt? Volume + volume? Those two items look a little too frumpy for detachable collar and leather fingerless gloves. Like an S & M-y cheerleader?

Sharkskin double-breast jacket with houndstooth printed pants that unzip? Is it the styling that's throwing me? It's WAY too much.

There are more, but I’m not going to beat a dead horse.  I’ll just say more detachable collars and fingerless gloves.  I know it’s a play on how Karl dresses himself, but I think it could’ve been… How should I say it?  A little more exquisite, a little less “Project Runway.”

Like I said, I loves me some Karl, so I’m a bit deflated that this isn’t rockin’ my world.  I’m not going to say the Kaiser has no clothes.  He does.  I just won’t be buying them.  And if you disagree with me, by all means pounce on http://www.net-a-porter.com on Jan. 25th.