If you’ve got a spare $1,575 you can subscribe to the Vogue archives.  And that’s a yearly price.  Yes, you will have to renew.  Subscribers might get a price break, but with limited access.  What’s the point of that?  Anyways, every page, ads included, were scanned for you my dears.  Everything is indexed and cataloged so you can go right to the good stuff.

I’m a FIDM Alum, so I had access to their physical Vogue collection, but now I could just go online instead of trudging downtown.  It’s VERY tempting!  It’s nice flipping through pages and stumbling across something fantastic that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise, but it does save time to be able to get, say, all Audrey Hepburn images like that (snap!)

So graphic, but ladylike.

Love that hat! Love the way the feathers from her hat and the feathers from the bird languidly fall.

The colors! Orange, pink, magenta and black works here for some reason.

I will have to think about it…