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I went to the auto show yesterday. Now, I’m from Anchorage, AK, we don’t have auto shows up there, and all the years I’ve lived in LA I’ve never gone. I mean seriously, paying $ to see cars? Don’t get me wrong, I love a hot car, but this is LA, hot cars (and girls) are everyone. So ubiquitous, that it’s not that big a deal (to me.) So, I went. I have to say, it was pretty cool.

We did have a purpose. My mother-in-law needs a new car and we checked out the new models, sat in them, tried them on for size. But I was mainly interested in the presentation, and the new direction. After all, it is sorta a fashion show for cars, right? New colors, lines, redesigns, etc.

Honda's F1 car. Form, function, design, performance.

Kia, in my humble opinon, did the best merchandising. Right product (styling, options), right price, (inexpensive relatively speaking), right time (recession), for their customer (urban, young men). They collaborated with West Coast Customs on a few cars, and the new products look pretty dope.

Plaid, wood interior.

Back seat, step down knick knack holders.

Old school video game, turntable, and a little bit of mother nature for that California boy.

They did a Michelle Wie car. Michelle Wie is a young women's golfer. While a stretch, I think this is their attempt at getting urban/sporty girls attention.

This is a hot car. It's also electric with a 154 mile range. It has two engines on each front and rear axles. It goes from 0-62 in 4.8 seconds. F**k you, big oil. Your days are numbered if they keep making cars like this.

I must say, I do like Audis. I know BMW's drive better, but these always look better.

BMW's new i, all electric vehicles.

The future is here.