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Later that Saturday I went to see this exhibit in the temporary Wallis Annenberg space Beverly Hills. On display were some opera, theater, and ballet costumes designed by the top designers: Lagerfeld, Valentino, Missioni, etc.

Program for "Lucia de Lammermoor," costumes by Marras Missoni.

Missoni knit kilt, cloak, sweater, and vest. Such great patterns and texture, of course.

Romeo Gigli costume for "Die Zauberflote." Red, blue and green rooster feathers.

Gigli dress for "Die Zauberflote."

Valentino from "Dream of Valentino."

Versace ballet costume. How adorable! Beaded linen.

The back is cute too.

Another beaded linen Versace ballet costume.

I was about to shoot some more but then noticed the  “No Photography” sign.  Yes, I chickened out and put my iphone away.  I paid $10, I didn’t want to get thrown out.

This is the last week, so check it out if you can.