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California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way.  I went on Saturday and it was soooo fantastic.  I was prepared to be wowed by the reassembled Eames living room (and I was, although photos make it look larger), but was surprised at how much was inspiring to me.  From the pottery, to the posters, to the textiles, to furniture,  even a car, I drank it all it.  All I had was my phone, forgive the graininess.

Rudlof Schindler house draft

Schindler draft

LACMA mini airstream trailer

Mini airstream. People now use them as guest houses or offices in lieu of building and add-on.

Sombrero textile Mexican folk dress

Fun sombrero textile, love the striped skirt.

Rudy Gernreich white bathing suit red dress

A racy Rudy Gernreich bathing suit.

Lady Levi's 1930's

Lady Levi’s from 1930’s.

American Airlines ad 1950's

Oh the 50’s, when the U.S. was confident and happy and fiscally secure.  Can’t you just feel the optimism?

1950's costume jewelry

Fantastic jewelry, don’t you love the display?  Keeps me from stealing it and gives it a space age-y vibe.

1950's costume jewelry necklace

Could’ve just walked off the Marni runway.

1950's costume jewelry brooch

These are so fun! Very Jetson-y.

1950's costume jewelry necklace abstract

Almost Miro-like.

1950's costume jewelry necklace words

Not exactly my taste, but it’s cool.

1950's costume jewelry cuff brooch

Such a cool chunky cuff and a modern, nature-inspired brooch.

1950's costume jewelry necklace minimal

I’m tempted to call it minimalist but it’s kinda not. Love it on bare skin.

1950's Avanti

An Avanti (a Studebaker).  May I get an electric one?  That would be the best of both worlds.

1950's Avanti rear

So cute.

1950's jazz LP covers

Do you feel your inner beatnik boppin’ around?

1950's jazz LP covers

Great on your walls at home.

1950's Adrian black dress

A dress by hollywood costume designer, Adrian. He also did “The Wizard of Oz” and “The Women.” Seriously, could’ve walked off the runway yesterday.

1950's couch coffee table lamp side table

Love the coffee table as planter, and glass with opaque combo.  The lamp is molded acrylic.  Fab.

1950's Alan Lustig textile

Textile by Alan Lustig. Could be great wallpaper or bedding design.

1950's Bernard Kester Textile

Textile by Bernard Kester. Would make a fab rug.

1950's Paul Laszlo textile

I love it as it, to hang on a wall. Textile by Paul Laszlo.

1950's Wonder Bread print

Just fun.  Wouldn’t the 3 stripes look great on a tee?  I bought the coffee mug version.

1950's outdoor furniture

Fab outdoor set.  Check out the gigantic wok-like bbq grill.  Awesome.

1950's abstract painting

This would make a great spring palette.  Muted pastels.

They let us take photos, except in the Eames living room, which is laudable I guess.  They didn’t in the Tim Burton exhibit next to it.  If you go on a weekend the parking might be a nightmare.  The LACMA lot was full, and no street parking.  I parked at Museum Square a block over on Curson/Wilshire, where SAG has their office, as a back up.  It was $17!!! for 2 1/2 hours.  Be forewarned.

The Tim Burton exhibit brought out all the goths in SoCal. Good!  They could use some sun.

Here’s the back of one goth/victorian mommy.

His drawings definitely have a life of their own, and I appreciate his unique aesthetic, but I didn’t connect with it on a personal level.  What really wowed me was the Colleen Atwood, full, S & M-y, Edward Scissorhands suit.  So many details, like little brass keys sticking out of keyholes, in Edward’s heels, you miss when watching it on screen.

Check it out if you can.